2020-2021 Event Calendar for LWVGTA

LWVGTA Board Meeting
Date: April 14th at 11:00am

Program: The Voters Rejected Gerrymandering – Redrawing the Map

Date: Tues. April 20th 12noon to 1:30pm
Donna Hornberger and Margaret Leary are part of the LWVMI observer corps for the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC). They will describe the basics of redistricting, how and why the process has changed and what is happening with redistricting in Michigan now.
This program can be accessed via zoom at Facebook and the LWVGTA Facebook page or Channel 189 with Spectrum TV.

Program: Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

Date: April 22nd – 6pm
Christina Schlitt, League of Women Voters of Michigan President will discuss redistricting in Michigan, the commission and opportunities for the public, including Communities of Interest, to provide input to the commission before it draws the maps. Register for the Crawford Area Communities of Interest Town Hall at 

Program: The Electoral College

Tues. May 18th – 12noon to 1:30pm
Speaker: John Zachman, Political Science Instructor, NMC

LWVGTA Board Meeting
Date: Wednesday May 12 at 11am

LWVGTA Annual Meeting
Date: Tuesday, June 1 10:00-11:30am via Zoom