LWVGTA Leadership

Leadership – 2022-2023

Elected Officers

President – unfilled
1st Vice President – Anne Montgomery – 2021 to 2023
1st Vice President – unfilled
Treasurer – Ingrid Brophy – 2022-2024
Secretary – Margaret Goeman – 2022 to 2023
Webmaster – Mary Beeker
Crawford County Unit – Marcia Koppa
Voter Services Chair – Peg Townsend
Membership Chairperson – Alice Schuman
Natural Resources – Ann Swaney
Nominating Committee – Linda Crandall, Mary Grover, Jane Watts

Appointed Directors

Voter Newsletter Editor – Nancy Nordfjord
New Member Orientation – Anne Montgomery
Program Committee Chair and Convener of Board of Directors – Cheryl Naperala
Social Media Committee Chair – Robbin Stott
Observer Corps-Chair – Donna Moore
Publicity – Linda Crandall
Historian – Barb Berry
LWVMI State Board Liaison – Jan Warren
LWVGTA Letters to the Editor/Forum pieces – Jan Warren, Mary Grover, authorized members
Consultants – Jan Warren, Jane Watts, Barb Berry, Mary Grover
Authorized Signatories – Mary Grover, Anne Montgomery, Ingrid Brophy
Liaison to LWV Lake Michigan Region – Ann Swaney